First Paying Job Tomorrow Morning

So I’m going to be doing all the front flatwork for the guy I closed a sale with on Wednesday. I got a Briggs and Stratton SC at Lowe’s last night and practiced on my own driveway today, and I can tell it’ll get the job done but that it’s sub par for sure. I’ll probably end up returning it and getting a better one online, but I live in a semi rural area and this was pretty much the only choice as far as what was immediately available. It’s a 15 inch, running on a rental 3.5 3000psi.

I looked at the house on Google Street View and saw that they have a retaining wall as well, so I’ll ask about that too.

Excited to take the next step, and thank you guys again for all the information!


Man I made thousands with a couple 4gpm machines and 2 of those little SC attachments. Get some cash and upgrade later. Way to go man


Thanks, I’m super stoked! I’m particularly hoping this job goes well, because the homeowner said if it did he’d like me to do his office too.

Those little surface cleaners are pretty slow moving at least on really dirty stuff. Be prepared for that and also I use a little piece of romex wire or similar to tie the trigger down so you don’t have to hold it.

You got this.


Thanks man. Good idea with the trigger holder, it would make things easier for sure. The Briggs is a little more squirrely than I had imagined, but after a few minutes I was getting cleaner and more consistent.

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Awesome job man. As long as you produce exemplary results with a happy customers you’re doing things right. The fancy equipment is there to make things done more efficiently and perhaps produce a more professional image. Make money and when things get rolling for you definitely re invest for the better equipment.


How’d it go?

Well, it definitely took longer than I thought it would, but in the end I’d say pretty good. I got to the house right on schedule, got the welcome mat and such out of the way, hose ran, all that stuff, went to start my rental washer, and lo and behold, the ripcord broke. I kinda freaked out internally for a sec, and I’m still a little annoyed that the rental company would go so long without replacing a ripcord that’s clearly old as dirt. Anyway, my parents live near the customer(much closer than me), and I ended up having to excuse myself momentarily to go over there and fix the machine.

I felt bad that I ended up starting later due to an equipment failure, I feel like even though it’s a rental when it comes to my business the buck stops with me. To show good faith, I threw in their brick planter at no additional charge. Those took much longer than I expected, mostly because I had underestimated how much I would have to shimmy between bushes and overestimated the speed of my derpy little Harbor Freight pump sprayer. The flatwork went pretty smoothly, although I took longer there than I probably should have too, mainly because I think I was being a little over conservative with the surface cleaner. As I went along I started trusting myself more not to leave stripes, and even though it hadn’t dried totally before I left, I thought it looked pretty good.

I followed up with the homeowner and he said it looked good, and he wants me to quote him for his office soon.

I’ll continue to do flatwork since there’s a definite market for it, but the pain in my back is inspiring me to try to get into house washing. I haven’t really done a house wash before, but I’m lucky enough to have several family members within a few miles of me, and my uncle and parents have said I can practice washing their houses in addition to mine.

Today was a great learning day. After taking all my expenses into account, it was pretty much a breakeven job, but it was a foot in the door. I have full confidence that next time I can do equal quality work much more efficiently based on what I’ve learned today, and I expect that learning curve to continue to be a little steep for some time. I really appreciate all the encouragement here, I don’t personally know anyone in this line of work, so having everyone on here to talk to has been unbelievably helpful.


It was more than a breakeven job. You gained a lot! Confidence in yourself, confidence in quoting your work more accurately and gained some hands on experience, in addition to realizing the importance of backup equipment and on-board tools and replacement parts. Good to hear!


Man that kinda stuff happens all the time… you learn how to work around a busted recoil pull.

I’m glad you knocked it out. As for back pain, I hope you had a 48" lance. Anything smaller is hell on earth.

You will get faster and more efficient with each job. The sooner you buy more efficient equipment the better. Time is money and you might soon need to be faster to get the neighbors house done that day too. I ran into that quickly. Sunday before last one house turned into 4. 3 neighbors just had to get theirs done that day too. Luckily I managed and it was a very profitable day with out even having to drive around town.


house washing is simple, to me easier on the back and more profitable then flatwork. Buy your self an X Jet m5 and watch a few videos on youtube, wash your house and your parents and youll learn as you go. Good luck!!!

Make sure you always use a 3/4” Inner Diameter garden hose to supply your pressure washer and not 5/8”. The ends are always 3/4” garden hose but the more water you supply, the better off you will be using the surface cleaner.

Make sure your surface cleaner nozzles are sized appropriately for your pressure washer flow and gallons per minute using either a chart or a calculator.

There is a blue and black recoil cord that is ultra strong. When you get a pw, replace the cord with it. If you need it, message me, we stock it by the coils.

Good luck to you! Great job for keeping a positive attitude.


Thanks everybody! The guy is an orthodontist as it turns out and wants me to quote his office this week. My quote is gonna have a comma in it I’m pretty sure.


Hell yeah man! He asked for you to quote the office! You did a good job then.

Find out what all he needs done and then talk to us before you submit bid.


Also if you can it may be worth renting a machine just a thought

So I actually submitted my bid yesterday. He wants all the flatwork including the asphalt, as well as 2 outdoor staircases. The biggest bottleneck to work around seems to be the fact that the building only has one spigot. To address this, my plan is to bring in a 500 gal trailer. Also planning to rent two washers, one hot one cold. I have my small surface cleaner for the cold if needed, but will also rent a bigger one for the hot washer. I am also planning to bring 2 other guys to help. I ended up quoting 1535 total for everything, which was a little higher than I thought I would go at first, but after I did the math that seemed like a reasonable figure. Or am I insane?

Hard to say without knowing the area.

What are the square footage of all that? Sounds kind of cheap looking at pic. Also depends on how dirty everything is. May not need a hot water unit.