First paver sanding, question

This is my first paver re-sand job, it’s for a friend of the family so he’s not too picky but was asking about this.

Every time someone drives on it, tire marks are left. It comes off with simple rinsing but he said it didn’t do that the last time.

I SC, rinsed, let dry a day, broomed in polymer sand, brushed off excess, blew off dust with blower. Per instructions I wet twice with garden hose sprayer.

Could it be that before, it was dirty so you couldn’t see the tire marks? And did you seal it?

No this is fresh, I already hosed off the previous marks and the one in the pic is from my van. It’s not black rubber marks.

They’re just real light color. going to show. Looks like it’s just dirt picked up off the street. Make sure you rinse about 10’ out from bottom of drive. You really need to seal it, will help bring out color. The SEK 8700 will make them pop.

I’m not familiar with that sealer so I looked it up. It says “wet look” sealer, I’ve always stayed away from wet look sealer as I always assumed the sheen goes away from the heavy traffic areas leaving you a mess. Is this your go to sealer for all applications?

If you want some sheen, but not high gloss, yes. They all dull a little over the years but it’s usually pretty uniform. Most good sealers are good for about 5 years before you need to reapply.