First paid roof job


First paid roof wash. Don’t be to harsh I know I still have a lot to learn and master. It’s going to be painted before solar panels go on it.


Did you use a pressure washer or a pump? How long did it take you to do?


By myself 3 hrs with low pressure. Don’t have a 12 volt yet.


Don’t do a roof yet then.


Things are done differently here.


He said it’s going to be painted. I think that is always a bad idea . But requires it to be pressure washed first . I see painted roofs every now and then. It’s something most people regret in the end but financially is there only option at the time.


From my understanding it’s is common practice In Australia. And it redone every 10 to 15 years


Yeah it’s going to be painted. It happens a lot in oz. I wanted to use a pump up and x-jet to rinse while standing on the opposite side of the roof and work around it (the best I could think of as I don’t have a 12 volt yet) but I was preparing it for a roof contracter and that’s what he wanted as “soft washing” is a fairly new thing to them.


If you HAD an xjet you would NOT need a pump up. I see no reason you should not have done it though, Its done and you did it


I HAVE an x-jet and did NOT use it (to rinse) as it was going to be painted and that’s what the contracter wanted.


Painting roofs is common practice in south fla as well.
I’m in central fla and do some from time to time. I would do nothing but those if I could get one every week


Are you talking about roofs people have painted or factory baked on finish. They are completely different. I hope your not cleaning roof that have painted over. Baked on finish or hard coated roofs are extremely common and clean up the same as any other. Roofs that have been repainted are a disaster and I wouldn’t touch them most of the time endless is an Opoxy coating but that’s rare .


I’ve done both. The ones that have been painted before take more time on the cleaning part as they do flake. It’s not a big deal though the loose paint comes off easy and just feather in what doesnt.