First Old Brick House Job?

Hey everyone,
I’m doing a quote on a home that is my most unique home so far and the oldest by quite a bit.
I wanted to get some advice because of the age of this property. I’m trying to search old posts and videos but am coming up short on guidance. It is in a very nice neighborhood where most of the homes are 60-70 years old.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This is what I have in my arsenal currently
8gpm 3500psi
Downstream Jrod
Xjet, Multiple handheld sprayers.
SH, Elemonator/Cherry Snotmenade(i’ve read to use the soap lightly depending on how porous the brick is)
Is there anything else I should consider using chemical wise or approach with caution? Definitely not a cookie cutter home.

Is there a lot of algae on the brick? How well are the windows sealed?

:point_up_2: That is the million dollar question…possibly quite literally.

Just wash it like any other brick house. If parts have a lot of moss or stains, just use stronger mix. With an 8gpm, don’t be extra shy on soap. It’ll clean up nice.