First milestone, popped hose!

A year of washing I finally popped my pressure hose. 6’ from the end thankfully, didn’t cost much to get it repaired. I feel like I took my first baby steps lol.

Fortunately I still have 250’ worth of sectional hoses as a backup, forgot just what a PITA it was rolling those suckers up.

I have 1 question, "do you pull on your hose from that section, such as when you need some slack?

Yup, probably how it happened. Store that fixed it said they typically see most breaks in the first 12’ due to this.

What have you learnt?

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That I worked too darn hard yesterday.



I keep reading about a ‘leader’ hose, seems like dragging around a quick connect on the ground would cause problems?

You don’t have to connect the whip or “leader” hose using quick connects. Just use a threaded coupling. You won’t have to worry about it coming undone and can just replace the whip if it blows near the end again.

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Cool, thanks. You think 6’ is enough or more like 12’?

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Mine all seem to pop near the middle…

If you popped 1 hose in a year you’ll be just fine, Qc or a coupler stinks dragging around imo.

I would just go long enough to where you don’t have the weight of the coupler off the ground if you have to extend the gun above your head. Not that it’s heavy but every little bit helps during a long day. I think mine is 10’. If you ever notice the coupler catching on anything just wrap electrical tape around it to fill in the grooves and then install a piece of heat shrink tubing over the whole thing.

I’ve heard most say their hose seems to break near the gun. You Texans must be a little rougher on things than most @MDA1775. Sounds like you need a couple 100 footers with a whip in the middle…lol

I will say do not buy the freaking blue hose. IDK, if it will last longer than the grey hose but it’s a PITA to drag compared to the grey.

I have M22 connections between the hoses I use, do you think this problem will arise for me? Each end has female M22 and I connect each piece with brass male-male M22.

If you’re able to get your hands on some Hanson-style couplings, you’ll be so much happier. You don’t even know what you’re missing :upside_down_face:. But I know supplies must be different there in Finland.

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Thanks, which specific ones do you mean? There are lots of different kinds.

You want ones without the shutoff mechanism built in (those are designed for carpet cleaning and other low-flow applications). Pretty much any of the ones here:

It doesn’t have to be Hansen Brand, per sé, but pick a brand/supplier and stick with it. There can be minor variations in plug design that make cross-compatibility hit or miss. (I’ve had success with the Chinese-made couplers from PressureTek)

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All right, so you mean just your basic male-female QCs. Yeah, I have those, but I feel like dragging those around on grass etc is probably not a great idea. I’m probably wrong.

No you’re right, dragging a QC coupling around Isn’t good for it, gets stuffed with dirt and grass.

@Innocentbystander suggested when I first got started to have the male end facing downstream so the collar on the connector is less likely to separate the hoses when dragging.

I just stick with one continuous hose and don’t worry about it…until it pops of course.

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