First Job Success

Hey guys, first of all thank you to everyone for the treasure trove of info here. Special shoutout to the OG’s such as @Innocentbystander @Racer @squidskc among others who continue to add valuable info. Extra special shoutout to @Atlas1 for allowing me to tag along a couple weeks back and get a glimpse of a pro at work.

Anyway… due to some unforseen circumstances, finished my build last night at midnight. Literally the first time I’ve fired the machine up. Put hoses on reels and went to sleep. Woke up this am and pulled the rig to the customers house, fired her up and proceeded to wash. A couple hours later, voila! Took me a while but she sparkled after. They thought they were going to have to paint… not anymore!

Without this forum, I never would’ve decided to make the jump and add these services, much less do my first job with any confidence. Thanks to y’all I was able to put a smile on a customer’s face today and a check in my pocket. Now lets hope the 2 jobs tomorrow go well!

Dun-Rite Pro Services


Good stuff. Congrats


I’m glad to hear it went well…You’re definitely a business man with the right attitude and common sense…You’ll do great!

You’ll have to share some pictures of your new rig with us sometime.

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Glad to hear your first job go very well! How did you land your first customers by the way?

Nice man! Glad its been helpful. Nice Halibuts too! (at least thats what they look like in a tiny icon.)

Good to hear. Did my first house wash today but it was slow. 3 of he 4 sides were wood painted white which cleaned up pretty well. Front was limestone, I believe. Downstreamed 1% and didn’t do a thing. Had to hit the whole thing with a pump sprayer 50/50. I say whole front but it was small. I have a lot of brick and limestone around me, sucks downstreaming won’t do the job.

But I too have the people in this forum to be thankful for.

There was a really good thread a few months back about cleaning limestone. I think it was started by John_Martinez. The whole thread is worth reading if you can find it. Racer linked this website in the thread too. You might’ve already seen it.


I sent a sales letter early this spring to my existing WC customers letting them know about my new services. I also emailed local realtors about the additions.

@squidskc thanks man. Similar fish but smaller, those are flounder. One of those was my PB, a 5+ lb’er. Man were they tasty!

Nice job. I cant wait to hit the streets.

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