First job gone wrong

So my boss hired me to wash his driveway, patio, and 2 walkways and a entryway. I started with the driveway first and everything was fine until i finished rinsing off after using my SC. My heart sank when i seen horrible streaks from from my sc and my mind starting racing of all the months of ready and studying i did. The concrete is from the 70’s he said but it had been washed the previous year and looked much cleaner then what i did.I continued the job and the streaks continued to show and i just wanted to run and hide i couldnt believe it. I finished and told my boss that i would return on a later day more prepared and find out why it did what it did. I sat in my truck for 20min going over everything and the only thing i could come up with was i didnt use any chems but figured it would still turn out cleaner with no streaks. My machine is a 8gpm and a classic SC and various wands and stuff. I dont have much experience with my SC other then doing my house which came out great and my grandparent which also came out great but are both newer concrete. i know i didnt walk to fast but i did notice my sc still acts like it wants to fly a little bit but that cant be it. I hope someone can tell me what i did wrong I’m racking my brain

The urge to run and hide is simply a sign that you care. That will serve you well in this business. Try to remove the emotion, concrete has none. She is a cold hearted, unyielding object.

Your client wants to see composure and confidence from you. This is not the end of the world and you probably won’t get fired if you are able to fix it :). Not all materials respons as they should, even when treated the same way as other material of similar composition.

I would replace the tips in the surface cleaner. We typically try to run around 2,000 psi on residential concrete of unknown strength. Downstream soap before and downstream SH after to help it brighten as it dries. You want to take a gentle approach to forty year old concrete.

Keep us posted and let’s visit this thread in five years. You will be able to laugh at it then.

take some pics after it has dried for a day or two

I’m running 2045’s you think I should try 15’s? When you say ds some soap you mean hw mix or just a surfactant?

JC made a good point. It looks like old worn out concrete that will dry to a more even, lighter tone.

I would only use about 2,000 psi (or less) on unknown resi concrete. Yes, more psi may get it cleaner. Who cares if it’s cleaner though when it’s all torn up from being brutalized by big commercial equipment (8 gpm @ 3,+00 psi is brutal), especially in the hands of the young.

I focus more on the cleaning agent (hypo) than the surfactant. Too many bubbles don’t help anything.

You don’t need a narrow spray pattern. You need a bigger hole in your surface cleaner tip.

Thx guys I feel a little bit better, I knew going into the job the concrete was old but wasn’t expecting this bad of lines without chems. I know he is not pleased with my wash because he kept saying he spent 2 weeks doing it himself with a 2.7 gpm depot special washer and had better results. I have a gauge on the outlet of the heater and it showed 3200 @ idle and 2200psi with the sc going. I told my boss today that I’m not pleased either with the results and ill do everything thing I can to make it better.

Have gotten that a few times but after a good 1% Sh it all came together.

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Roof mix out of a pump up sprayer should do the trick.

so you think if i went to the store and just bought some 2% and apply with a pump up it should blend the lines and whiten the concrete? I also need to know if i should rinse after and then apply a second coat and leave it?

I always leave it. Apart form the Sh I also use a surfactant and something to cover the scent

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