First Job Done the Right Way

I’m pretty happy with the results. Total mix was about 37 gallons + Cling On/Roof Snot. 22 water, 15- 12.5%

If any don’t mind, about what would you charge if you were doing just the two roofs shown? (above the garage actually is a section I did as well).

Nice work. What kind of set up do you have?

I’d probably be between 5 & 6 hundred.

Thank you.
I’m using a 65 gal. leg tank with a deep cycle marine battery and the Kuritec roof kit, 5.3 gpm pump. Jeremy, Tim, Thad, and others have been helping me along to tweak my set up and do the work right.

$489 to $589 depending on square footage.

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Aprox $300 for the front roofs including the garage or $500 for the whole roof. With a roof like that we would be out of there in less then a hour and a half. Probably closer to an hour.

How long did it take you and did you do it alone?

Nice job by the way.

I think it was an hour and a half. When I got done with the PW, I went back up and sprayed some on the left again. So probably 1:45 total. I’ll definitely tighten up as I tweak things.

You’d be surprised how fast you can clean a roof. I recently did a big colonial around 3800 sq ft in under 2 hours. & this is my 1st season roof cleaning. I love it.

Looking good, Dan!

Thanks, Thad. As you said when we were cruising Vernon, it’s roof cleaning heaven up here. I can’t help looking at roofs everywhere I go now :slight_smile: