First job done finally

First job (on my moms house), not a very big change but it’s something, concrete is in a very bad state so it was quite difficult to clean. It looks like it’s dirty after cleaning it but it’s due to the bad state of the pavement. The most important thing is that I learned how the machine works and a ton of other things so not bad after all.


Looks better, did you wand that whole thing?

Surface cleaned it.

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Glad to see you’re finally starting to do some washing. Did you pre or post treat?

Kinda, did it but quite bad, as the sprayer I had did not let the bleach came out as I wished due to he fact the bleach was quite dense. It was a 10 euros pump sprayer so maybe I will have to invest in a better one.

It’s difficult pre and post treating concrete with a pump up if it’s a large area. It’s really difficult if it’s hot out. You just can’t get enough down before it evaporates. You almost have to have a 12v for pre or post. You can also downstream house wash mix if the concrete isn’t too dirty with organics.

What do you mean? It was too thick?

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yes, correct.

Thanks for the help, I will have to find another way the, downstreaming was not possible as the powewasher I was using didnt have that attachment.

Add your own injector to it and just take it off when you’re done.

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Yo no Habla espanol, but he does write in english, it may be in the translation, not sure. I think sometimes people forget that he is in Espana (I am assuming that it is a guy).

One of the many things I like about this forum is all the people talking about tackling similar problems in various countires, in various climates/environments, with various legal issues and regulations. I find it fascinating. Maybe I’m just an odd ball.




Yeah, hardest thing here is the mindset. There, in the US all people see entrepreneurs in a good way. Here in Spain is just the opposite. None in my family supports entrepreneuring, all think it’s a bad idea and try to disencourage me and want me only to study.

I know it may sound strange to you but the society is very very different, and not only that, the government does not support a lot the creation of new companies and the taxes are really really high.


SH (bleach) should work fine through just about any sprayer. It’s about the same consistency of water.

You’re using liquid SH right? You’re not trying to mix powder are you?

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Well done. I’m glad you finally went at it. Now, you need to ask yourself if (with decently proper equipment) can you stomach doing this type of work every day? A ton of people get into this game only to realize they don’t really enjoy the hustle and hard work. It’s very easy to be an employee. Very easy. It’s really hard to be an owner and build your company from nothing. As with all things, hard work and perseverance will bear fruit.




I have talked to a lot of people across the globe. I find it interesting when they tell me they aren’t allowed to work in that field due to one or more things (family social standing, no governement approval, caste, race, etc). Being an American I often forget how easy it is for us to do what we want to do.

People being closed-minded isn’t a cutural phenomena, it is global. It just makes life easier for some people if they paint a box in their mind and don’t go outside the lines.

Good luck to you.