First House Job Coming up!

I doing my first house wash. I am wanting to use EBC cleaner and SH. I want to use the EBC for the soap and then add SH. What should be my mix for the SH and water. I am working on getting an xjet but might just have a foam cannon for this one? Thoughts? I can use the foam cannon as an xjet, kinda made-up thing. I wont have the color filters for the xjet…HELP ME OUT PEOPLE

I highly recommend using that box at the top with the magnifying glass…there are probably 100 threads on this forum that have beaten this horse to death.

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Okay I got you, thanks…I am using a foam cannon. How would i know the ratio coming from gun…is there a way to test said strength?

Fill it up ¼ of the way with a good foaming carwash soap, then top it off with water. Now, go use it wash your car/truck and put it away. Do not attempt to clean a house with a foam cannon. What does it hold, 20oz? How far do you think it’s going to shoot? Just stop what you’re doing and start over.


Can you tell me why you’re wanting to use a degreaser as a soap?

@BWS , Lew, have you informed the customer that you have never washed a home before? And that you likely have equipment that isn’t right for the job? Or that you are uncertain of what cleaning solution/chemicals you’ll be using? Just wanted to make sure your customer is going to be okay with all of this before you show up and perform a “service” and ask for their money…

@BWS you might be better off taking a picture of your set up and posting it here so that we can better understand what you do and don’t have - there are many different ratios your machine (whatever it is) could be drawing solution at. That’s dependent on whatever chemical pick up device you are using. Photos would help for sure.

Oh man you need to hold off doing a customer’s house until you figure out the proper way to wash.


Why do I feel like this is a chain pulling anyway…albeit entertaining.

This could be a new niche market though…the “extra soft soft wash…guaranteed to leave that protective coating of mildew and algae on your siding so that it doesn’t get oxidation streaks…”

You don’t need ebc cleaner. Keep it simple. Just downstream SH.