First Draft Critiques?

Here’s the first draft of our website homepage. Preferred SoftWash
I’ve been in the biz so long that I’ve become numb to a lot of what holds a customer’s interest on a site. What do you guys think?

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Looks good.

Simple and direct.

I would get rid of the rounded glare in the front page pics.

It takes away from what you want them to see and focus on.

my 2 cents.

I really like it. It is crisp and easy on the eyes. Colors go well together. Content is good too. There is a lot going on on the home page but there doesn’t really seem to be.

I also like that the full website view worked really well on my phone. I despise mobile sites because they usually aren’t fully functional. I always click the full website if it’s an option. Your full website was fully navigable and easy to do so on my phone. That’s a huge plus for me.

Thanks Kevin. I wasn’t a fan of the pictures either.

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Thanks Mike!

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