First “complaint”

Three years in and I finally received my first “complaint.” The customer texted me this morning and said everything looked great except for under a table and a bunch of chairs that were stacked on her deck and her fire pit area. When I quoted the house wash and her deck I explained that there would be a small charge for us to move all her patio furniture or we would just wash around it if it was still there. She declined and said she would move it herself. She also declined the fire pit area which is all pavers. She swears she didn’t know about any of it until I showed her the quote I sent her explaining everything. I’m not sure if she was trying to pull a fast one or if she legitimately forgot. It still cuts like a knife when a customer says they’re not happy with the job that was completed, my fault or not.


It happens to everyone eventually. Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes not. From what you’ve said here it does not appear to be your fault.

Did you intentionally wash around the furniture on these areas? If so, for future reference you probably don’t want to do that, it leaves marks the customers will never be happy with. If I were to bid a job like this, I would price moving the furniture into the job. Giving the customer options is good, but sometimes it’s not, as the customer does not know best and does not always know exactly what they want. When faced with the decision, many will nickel-and-dime themselves thinking they’ll be happy with a 95% perfect job, but when they see the 5% they declined they will have a change of heart.


I wouldn’t of done anything different, we have a move items disclosure that explains to the customer why moving the items are beneficial and if you want us to do it, there’s a fee. Remember we’re a wash company not a moving company. I’ve bid on some home that literally would take more time to remove and setup their patio. This happens a lot with concrete patios, I’m talking on 1-2 million dollar homes. You can’t move stuff for free, they have to understand that. Most understand, of course in some cases, like very old individuals or disabled you work with, but for the most part, homeowner cares for that or for fee we will. Ask a builder to build you a house and not charge to move the soil to start to build your house, not going to happen. If you have a flat lot, you save money on prep work versus building on the side of a hill. More to prep so you can build that house……more to move. I give the option so it can save the homeowner some money if they want, majority have no problem with that.

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