First big day

I just wanted to tell the internet I finished my 2nd paid job today. It got off to a slow start with a horrible mistake of leaving my gas can at home 20 min away…I could feel my dad shaking his head at me, from a long, long way away… I won’t ever do that again. It was a house and garage wash, drive way and walkway clean. It was also 32-33 degrees and snowing almost all day, which was I think giving me problems with all the black slime buildup on the concrete. I pre treated, washed, rinsed, applied more of a heavy mix sh and rinsed a few more times. I feel it could of been better but I didn’t want to keep doing the same things over and over, maybe I should of surface cleaned it one more time.
The house came out good I thought, some algae but mainly spider and bug junk.
Things I took mental note of today- I still need to rinse more. -Pre treating on the concrete seemed to worked way better when it was applied to dry concrete. -don’t forget crap at home. - wrapping hoses in a figure eight is much easier for people without a reel. -leaves and debris tucked in the siding trim really sucks. -mulch with no edging also sucks. - I need to slow down and remember to take more pictures.

This place has been a huge help for me, I know a lot of you by screen name, and I swear I’ve even made voices for some of you in my head :joy:. Thanks for everyone taking time to put good info and calling out the bs on here.


Try to go back in a day or so once concrete is really dry and retake the photos if you can. It should really pop then! But good job on before and after photo angles.

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That’s my plan, the color shade of the sun for my afters really throws it off also.
Thank you though!

Looks good, and it happens. One thing I’ve learned is never question fuel. Just stop and top everything off. That includes making sure you have the jugs. I did a house the other day and the neighbor wanted their drive done so I obliged. I thought about leaving the neighborhood and getting fuel but decided against it. I ran out while rinsing the last little bit. Luckily I was able to finish with the 12v before doing the post treat.

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For a second I thought you threw on a sparkle filter until I remembered you said it was snowing lol. I’m a newbie too, and because you shared your mistake, I hope sharing mine makes you feel better.

My first house wash I forgot to turn on my sh and all I did was soap the house and brush it by hand when that didn’t do the trick. Long story short I eventually fixed the mistake but it was NOT fun.

(If ur curious how I did not notice an absence of bleach smell, I was using a scent booster for the first time too. Should have known it wouldn’t work THAT good lol.)

Happy washing!

I was over confident in myself, I knew I filled up my big can yesterday, but forgot I took it out and replaced it with a small can of mixed gas later in the evening before a small yard clean up.
Just another lesson. I will definitely stop everyday to top everything off from now on.

I wish it was a sparkle filter and not snow haha.
Haha well it could always be worse than forgetting to turn on the sh I suppose!

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I some times take jugs off the wash trailer so I have extra when I go ride for a couple days. So I’m pretty paranoid about forgetting to put them back. One day I’ll stop being cheap and buy a couple more jugs

Me too I need more, Maybe some garage sales.

Good start! Sounds like you’ve done your homework and doing alright. This forum is gold. I did alot of research when I was 1st starting out but most the info I learned was bad including from our local pw shop and I had to learn the long hard way lol

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Heck you’re just like those rubber scrubbers @Hotshot and @dperez they always forget their chocolate chip muffins and strawberry flavoured lattes with marshmallows.

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dude, make yourself a checklist until you have it memorized. I go through a checklist in my head everytime I go to leave my house and everytime I go to leave someone’s house.

I make a point to check my trailer lights before I leave my house while writing down my starting mileage for the log.

I only do this part time.

My equivalent would be a Red Bull and I shouldn’t forget that go figure :joy:

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That’s great advice with the checklist and I’m gonna make one tonight. Thank you