First Big Commercial Contract

Hey guys so I am looking to see some standard practices as far as contracts and payments go. My client has ended up wanting to get it done a few weeks earlier than we planned so I have less time to get this set up than I planned. The job is over $10k and I am wondering if it is acceptable/common to ask for partial payment before the job is started or after a certain % of the work is completed. I will be renting a lift and included that in my price but would rather not be out that amount if something goes wrong, so I wanted to get some kind of contract set up. I have done some commercial work before but nothing of this size so I’m trying to make sure I do everything as well as it can be done. If anyone has a contract template that would be great or if I should consult with a lawyer and have them put something together I could do that as well. Sorry for the wall of text, I’m kind of nervous since its a big step for me.

I never ask for prior payment or take it even if offered.
Just doesn’t seem right to me.
A progress payment on jobs that take over a month is nice but I try to always have a couple of months worth of $$ to tide me through.
Just my way probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

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I think it will show instability in your company in their eyes. At my previous full time job when we had contracts over $175,000 contractors could set up the contract in parts and submit a pay app when they hit each goal. But this is not likely the case with that job. Jobs like that are what money set back is for. Or in some folks case a good banker or credit card. I do not believe in credit cards myself or small debt for that matter. But that’s another topic in itself.

Sometimes you have to make it work. I went through the same situation last fall taking on a large snow removal contract that paid out in installments over 8 months. While the installments are large, they do not come close to covering operation costs. Waiting on your money in commercial is the name of the game.


Don’t ask for money up front. I know it sucks but you shouldn’t accept a job you can afford to finish. If you’re worried they won’t pay then I wouldn’t waste my time with the job.


Okay thanks guys, that’s kind of what I figured and that’s fine I just wasn’t sure what others did with larger jobs. Any good contract templates floating around, or how/where to get one written up?

Y’all do contracts?

Whose the job for ? No need for specifics but a management company? Or straight from the business

It is for a stadium, but straight from their onsite management.