First attempt at fleet washing!


My first attempt at fleet washing. How did I do?! :grinning:


You WIN! More pressure is more gooder!!


First, I was like - damn, that gun is a beast, then he gets it on and I’m like damn who would ever need a PW like that? What could you possibly be washing that would require that kind of a machine?

All in all, pretty bad ass none the less.

Kinda on this note - anyone go to the quarter car wash to wash your truck? Put the quarters in, pick “Hi Pressure Rinse”, have it come on and then just giggle at it…


I have that same pressure washer. NASA contracts us to clean the shuttles as they are exiting the atmosphere. We also use it to cut diamonds.


Have you tried this on artillery fungus?


Now why didn’t anyone here tell me about this machine when I was trying to figure out how to get the vine tendrils off of stone.


This is how some houses look after the $99 guy gets through with them


Really? Everyone knows how to get vine tendrils off now. Ill make you a quick 35sec video



I actually encountered vine tendrils the other day on vinyl. Only a 2 ft x 2 ft area. The homeowner was an older woman that tried to clean it with vinegar on a ladder. I remembered that tendril thread and busted out the turbo nozzle. Got 95% of it out. Normally I would have left it but if it’s a small area with no oxidation it does work well getting them off


Turbo on vinyl?


Yeah…it was on the edge of the house…a small section on north side of the house with no oxidation. The house was already washed and I knew she would be disappointed if they remained. Normally I could care less about vines…I consider that landscaping…they always stay…but that day was an exception. She weakened the tendrils with her little mix. I’m running about 2100 psi with max psi tips so it won’t hurt a small area…probably an area less than 2 ft wide…but if the vines are crawling up the house they stay.