Finished Up Our First Fence Job

After receiving a request to bid a fence wash I spent some time on here researching prices and process. We had just shy of 600ft of fence to wash (including both sides) and with it being a shadowbox fence I was a little nervous because I wasn’t quite sure I quoted it right. We spent the better part of the day there and the fence turned out great! We even had neighbors stopping in their cars to admire our work and take our information down. Thank you all for your help and wisdom. It has helped us a ton!


Looks great!

Looks good man . Now your in the good position to sell them some stain or sealer so it will stay that way for a while .


Great job. Now go drop some flyers in the neighborhood or send them some postcards.

Looks good. Shadowbox fences can be a PITA and take about twice as long as a regular fence, so always price accordingly.

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This looks great. What chem did you use? I see pump up sprayers and a really good end product, but nothing that could help me get the same thing. :slight_smile:

The fence came out great!

The process we used was…

  1. Pre-wet wood
  2. Apply Sodium Percarbonate (4oz per gallon of water) with pump sprayer
  3. Let dwell 10-15min while misting the area to keep wet
  4. Pressure wash at 1000psi
  5. Apply wood brightener (we used Oxalic, 8oz per gallon of water) with pump sprayer
  6. Final rinse

Shazaam! I don’t know if you realize it, but I just tricked you into helping other people who come here to look for fence cleaning too.

Great job!


Haha I saw what you were doing there! I should have posted that right away! Thanks for using your jedi mind tricks.