Finding out of state work?

Ive seen lots of websites online for signing up for government contract bids in the last few years. I have yet to see any type of sites offering hoa/apartment complex bids. I would believe that generally an apartment complex owner/HOA would find a local company as it would be easier and quicker for them but that does not seem to be the case… ive searched relentlessly online for the last few weeks using different wording but have not found what im looking for. How do you bigger guys tend to find apartment HOS/complexes that are multiple states away?

There’s no secret website, some secret group.

It’s all about networking.

Local Apartmemts will lead to more opportunities.
Most are managed by a regional if not national company.


Not many carry the insurance required or jump thru the compliance depot and Yardi hoops to be a preferred vendor.


Yep what he said :point_up: Before you even submit a bid you’ll need to show the proof of insurance you paid 15 to 30 thousand a year for

We have the proper insurance for complexes and HOA. Weve done quite a few over the last few years. I was just unsure how guys find stuff out of state!

They usually call you. I turned down many bids out of state. Those jobs if awarded would of led to other jobs and so on . I only turned down the chance to bid because up until a few months ago I did not think my GL and WC would work in other states. Now I have a list of 6 other states I can bid in.
Every carrier is different you can only work in the states you carrier is licensed in.

Fingers crossed some of those out of state calls roll in this year!