Financing PW jobs

Who here finances their residential PW jobs? Went to give a quote about a week ago and all was going well. Owner told me I was higher than the other estimates they got, but they wanted to go with me. I was like great, let’s get you scheduled.

Then I was asked if I could “finance” their job for the next 2-3 months.
Caught me off guard.
I explained my payment terms and how payment is due upon completion of the job. They said someone else would finance them. I told them sorry, but I’m not a financial institution.

Is this the new trend in the industry?

I accept credit cards and HELOC checks.

How is accepting credit cards and heloc checks financing your jobs?

What I’m getting at is you get paid in payments over 2-3 months.

Man… I just saw an ad for company that finances projects like this and you get paid immediately. They collect interest.

Harvest maybe?

I will accept payments. I can really understand when the single mom or widow has an HOA letter threatening fines. I accept any terms they need. I might just take care of it. Get it in writing if your guts telling you or the house is up for sale!

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That’s my point. I don’t finance. But if somebody does want to finance, there are ways to do it. If they can’t get credit from a credit card company or mortgage bank, they are not getting it from me. And I don’t need the extra paperwork anyway. Maybe I’ll make an exception for the widow with an HOA letter.


Amen. For houses listed on the market the contract explicitly states I take half up front. No exceptions.

Why would there be a issue on for sale homes?

If they move away it can be hard / impossible to collect your $$.

You dont know where they are at in escrow. A mechanics lean may go through after escrow closes and the bill goes to the address not the owner. Its a whole thing…

Some people think they will outsmart the timing…dirtbags. A mechanics lean costs you money up front also.

Not to derail the conversation but has anyone heard of PayPal covering cost to you if you use them to process payment and or contact agreements. Someone mentioned this to me recently but I’ve been unable to find any info on it.

The only time I’ve been stiffed both homes were on the market.

Same problems as above.

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No, but sounds good.

Never heard of it.

I would assume you process a check as an e check and it covers you from that end. I would assume they pursue the client if the check doesn’t clear. I was unclear about the contract part and I can’t find it anywhere.

My regulars i let them pay me in parts.
New ones that are refered too.
New ones only if they live within 5 miles

Its the customers i never meet in person that get me nervous.

Ask yourself if you can afford to lose the rest after the initial payment, if so then I’d do it. Just like loaning money. Its a calculated risk. How much is the job? someone to asking to finance $200 I would probably not deal with.


What you said. My favorite tho is when they wait til Im done to ask. Its that moment you realize its better to take $100 dollar checks that might clear than 300 that wont. Credit cards fix much of this tho.