Finally got enough reviews to do an Angie's List Big Deal and Advertise. Worth it?

So I finally got enough reviews to do an Angie’s List Big Deal and an offer to advertise with them so I can do the big deal as often as I’d like… However, I was wondering if the advertising is worth it for those of you that do it with them? It’s $185 for my two preferred areas local to me and apparently it will put me near the top of the page when people search on Angie’s List in those areas, plus I can do the “Big Deal” more than once per year with the advertising.

Here is my deal that I proposed to the Angie’s List rep:

[]$249 for a Safe, Deep Cleaning Softwash House Wash + Window Cleaning of 15 Exterior Windows and Screens.
]Applicable for houses up to 2,500 square feet, 15 cents per square foot for anything over 2,500 Square Feet.
[]Interior Windows not included.
]$7 each for each exterior window and $7 for each interior window.
[]Skylights not included, Storm Windows not included.
]Expires 6/1/13

Normal price for this exact service would be around $500.00.

This deal gives me enough upselling room to sell the rest of the windows and interior windows, concrete cleaning, gutter cleaning, etc… Angie’s List says they take 35%.

Anyone with experience on this have any thoughts? I couldn’t do gutter cleaning since someone was already doing it, but that’s okay because people want clean houses and windows before the Holidays.


Larry K over at WCR just did one recently you may want to reach out to him…

Also how many reviews do you need before you can do one?

Just 2 reviews, but I had to start asking every customer for an angies list review and finally got 2 people that had accounts. I tried to buy a membership for one customer and angies list slapped my hand and said I couldn’t do it, lol.

They actually just called here this morning… We may do a big deal with them…

Just looked into them a week or two ago myself. Trying to get me some reveiws right now.

Don’t have much word to say! Great deal! I’ll surely take note on this….