Finally fired up the new machine and checked for leaks all around

Had a couple small leaks that were remedied quickly but did notice that it seems I have a squealing belt on the PW. Is it common to have this on a brand new machine? I’m guessing it will be an easy fix but I thought this was tested at the factory.

If the belts new it may squeal a tad. Could be belt tension too.

Pretty sure they don’t test at a factory. They have to be shipped without fuel, and usually oil.

Yeah, figured the tension might be off. Just a little frustrating due to my lack of knowledge/experience with pressure washers.

It notes that they are factory tested. My guess is they fire it up then drain the fluids as it was empty when I received it but the oil plug was out and the dipstick in.

Factory tested could mean any number of things. Pressure pro doesn’t have a stellar history with the truth. Squealing belts usually mean to tight. They will loosen on their own in a few hours

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Yeah, I wonder if it means they test every 50th unit or something. I hope you are right and know that new belts can stretch. Being new to the game, I’m just not too confident. On a vehicle, squealing belts usually means too loose or a pulley is not straight.

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Check the belts. If you can push down more than half an inch in the center, they need tightening. If not, leave them be.


Not to be corny but, Hes usually spot on…

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I assume mine was tested. It had crankcase oil in it, dipstick in, oil in the pump and some water in the pump. It shipped stapled down to a pallet.

Come to think of it, I remember a little water coming out too. Pump had oil but not the engine. They shipped a quart of oil with it.

Took the cover off to find this. The pulley has walked grinding into the cover. I spoke to Pressure Pro and they verified the unit was tested.

Ever since pressure pro was bought out by a Danish company what little quality control they had seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs, sheave was not even centered I would post this shot on facebook & make them come to your shop & fixit this is a perfect example why not to buy from pressure pro. Good luck to you

I just bought a trailer from them and ordered the add on of electronic brakes and high pressure hose. It came with neither of the add ons. It’s been a frustrating process to get a response from them and have them agree to pay to have the brakes installed, like I paid for.

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You bought from KEC…hold them liable for selling junk. I hate how most vendors sell products that aren’t physically ever in there control. Take your money and have pressure pro ship to you.

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So set screw was loose or?

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I hate you got gigged. I’ve preached anti pressure pro for years

My guess is yes. Tight enough for the initial test at the factory but quickly vibrated loose and allowed the pulley to walk when I started it up. It looks like it’s on a pretty good bind right now and I have to wonder if the shaft could have been damaged?

In talking with PP, I have to drive it an hour away to have a shop fix it. Shop is busy so I sent pictures and gave info of PP contact to coordinate parts if needed. Part of me just wants them to ship a new unit as of course I worry if something else wasn’t tightened to specs. New guy on the job? Friday afternoon assembly/beer thirty coming? Who knows? Just sucks to have to go through this as I was hoping to be washing a couple houses next week.

Loosen the set screw, knock it back into place, retighten with some loctite on it and start washing. Just keep an eye on it. Hate it happened to you, but not the space shuttle. Only has 4 components.


That was my first thought Racer. I just don’t want to give PP any reason to void my warranty by saying I messed with it. I’m tempted to just ask them to take it back and buy something from the shop that PP wants to fix it. Do you think the shaft could be damaged?

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