Finally, a non-scrubbing and immediate solution to oxidation!


I’m going to send you a bottle of gasoline. Please find a way to produce it cheaper and get back to me. I’ll cut you in on the profit


Good luck shipping a flammable material! :rofl:


No one’s wife should be discussed or talked about in any thread even if you don’t agree with a picture presented on this forum.


Well said. But I’ll talk about my wife. She snapped the heels off of her shoes at our wedding so she wouldn’t be taller than me. She can run a chainsaw, lay a load of gravel with a dump truck that doesn’t need a box blade to follow, looks awesome in a dress, fussed about whether she should wear her gun belt above or below her belly when she was a pregnant wildlife officer, makes a mean meatloaf and kinda like me still after 25 years. Thread derailed. You’re welcome.


Does she travel? We will be putting 2-3 truck loads of infield mix down in the spring, 24 ton per load… would love to avoid bringing the tractor out.


She probably would :slight_smile: living with me and our 3 sons drives her crazy sometimes I’m sure. If you have a house full of daughters or can at least promise the toilet kids will be down you’ve got a fighting chance


So help people.


Gutter Butter for the win…


O yea? Never tried it. I am interested to give it a shot now!


I tried using gutter butter 10:1 on this roof and it didn’t touch the oxidation. I used ebc 50/50 and it came off with light brushing. Just not cost effective to clean a whole roof that way in my opinion.


I was afraid to go too strong with the gutter butter so I just stopped at 10:1


All that stuff is

Sodium Hydroxide

Pottasuim Hydroxide


Make your own… mess with the strength.
That’s all this guy did who thinks he’s going to sell it lol


In that video (which is not me by the way) the mix was roughly 4:1 or 24oz to a gallon of water. It’s a lot, but then again using a chem to remove oxidation from a metal roof isn’t roof cleaning, it’s roof restoration and should be charged double or triple regular cleaning prices.


Why are you deleting the original post? That would screw up the whole thread.


What happened to the video?