Few jobs for feedback

I done my first roof and deck wash. Roof was 5%sh left it for rain next day and the deck was 3% SH rinse then OA dwell and rinse. I’ve learned tons by reading and inner acting. Thanks!


Nice work - looks good. In my area not a ton of wood decks but I did one a couple of weeks back because I was worried about the old guy slipping it was so covered in algae. I haven’t done a lot of wood so it always makes me worry but the deck was so nasty I bit the bullet. Yours turned out great.

Now that team is going to start hitting you up for sponsorships. :roll_eyes: :laughing: :muscle:

Roof looks good but there’s no place for SH on wood. That’s gonna be so grey in a few days!

A better procedure is sodium percarbonate followed by oxalic.


Wood Procedure:

  1. Wet wood.
  2. Apply Sodium Percarbonate (8-12oz per gallon of warm water), dwell 5-10 minutes.
  3. Rinse with white tip (40 degree tip) at 6-8 inches away in one continuous motion. Do not stop or go backwards. If you miss something don’t stop. Continue until the end, then start again. Do not go backwards.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Apply Oxalic Acid 3-6oz per gallon of water (cold is fine) dwell 5-10 minutes.
  6. Rinse.

This is just flat out wrong. We wash wood with SH all the time. Knowing what strength you need and how long to dwell has everything to do with it. SH on wood is perfectly fine.

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And Sodium Percarbonate isn’t going to touch 90% of the decks we do. It’s like bringing a stick of butter to a street fight. You’re gonna have a bad time.


I tried percarb here on a nasty deck, didn’t phase it. It probably works fine on a mildly dirty one.

I keep 10lbs of it on the trailer just for jobs that aren’t bad but it’s rare that I get to use it. And when I do get to use it it takes forever.

Yeah I’ll say I tried Sodium Percarbonate too and it wasn’t super effective. SH followed with Oxalic is the only thing I’ve had any luck with. While I’m no Wizard of Wood™ I’ve never had my work turn grey.

Neither have I. Start low and go up if needed.

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Percarbonate is a waste of time in my opinion, sh does the trick if you want a grey look don’t pre wet then nuke it with sh.


Thank you! Lol didn’t know I slipped that one in there​:joy::joy:

You’re most likely right, you’ve been doing this longer than I have. I stopped doing decks because I couldn’t keep bring them back to original color, and even though the clients were happy with the results, I wasn’t.

My best results were with percarbonate and oxalic; didn’t look like brand new wood, but it wasn’t grey either. Every time I even used just a little bit of SH they always greyed out once they were dry. I feel like there’s a reason every “after” pic on a SH deck is still wet.

I have done my fair share of wood projects. Used percarb once. It’s a waste of time.

Now sodium metasilicate on the other hand, I buy that 100 or more pounds at a time.


What’s your process? Does it work on wood loaded with algae and mold?