Fertilizer reacting with SH

I seem to remember someone running into this issue at one house where they used normal housewash mix and had some grass yellowing? What was the verdict or conclusion on this?

I washed a cool deck with 2% and now the customer is saying her grass is yellowing around the perimeter. I barely used a gallon of SH just to pre treat on a 1,000 sqft deck and surface cleaned it, then rinsed it which would equate to a couple hundred gallons of water to dilute it.

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Just tell her there is no charge for the free edging you did.


Lol will do


Strange :thinking:

This may sound strange but probably not your house mix but the volume of water. If you really used a couple hundred gallons of water you could have essentially over watered the lawn especially if the customer doesn’t have good drainage. Not sure what part of the world you are in

You say you used barely a gallon of SH, but you pre treated with 2%.

You def didnt downstream 2%, so how did you apply the pre treatment?

2% will def hurt greens.

Xjet no porportioner diluted 3 parts water : 1 SH

2% will definitely kill some stuff if sprayed and left but rinsed should t be much of a problem.

I went to take a closer look today and it’s just yellowing. It will likely look good as new in a week after the grass is cut.

@Firefighter4hire that’s a good point. The only variable I can see is the grass type. Cintenpide, not very common here. Could be the sh or over watering.

Anyhow it’s all good. Told her I would resod if needed but let’s wait a couple weeks for it to recover. She was just happy to get a visit and some assurances.

Not sure what exactly to do different next time outside of gypsum and/or agent halt

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Hey @Harold

See how this turns out. Then, if it does work out fine (which I’m sure it will) just tell future customers that there might be some edge yellowing when quoting :blush:

Works for me :+1:t2:

Yea, it’s always easier that way. I may just do that.

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@squidskc had it happen I believe.

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That’s what I thought originally and sent him a message but he’s MIA lately as best as I can tell.

Sorry about that. I upped my flat rates pretty significantly and have been working maybe 25 hours a week. Filling the rest of the time with fishing, hiking, gym and a life in general. Pretty drama free. Lol

I check in from time to time to make sure there’s no moderator flags, but I’m kinda overwhelmingly far behind so I haven’t been good about checking notifications.

Fertilizer and SH spotted a yard pretty good last year. We’re fairly certain that’s what happened. It’s only happened 1 time in now 4 seasons and still not sure if that’s what caused it.

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Thanks for the info.

In this case after talking further they did not fertilize. I looked in person and it’s not very noticeable and I’m certain it will be gone in a week or two. None the less it did yellow so I’ll probably pre wet the grass next time if it’s this type of grass. On the other side of the pool it’s burmuda grass and it’s green as can be. Same process.