Fence Cleaning

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Ok…for these types of fence…I’m looking for what’s a good price to start at…I’m thinking $5.00 per section for one side…both sides 10 a section…what do you guys think?

I’d be carefull with putting a price per section on ur esti. Cust may bust balls with short sections and gates.

Just came across this. I’d take the hourly approach. If you know you can fly threw it in an hour or two. Price it that way. Best for you and your client.

I never give the customer a price per. I use it to figure my estimate on my end but I also consider time factors as well. For instance cleaning a flat straight drive way might be based off of my .26 per sq ft rate. But since it’s flat and I know I can knock it out quickly I’ll knock some off. But if it’s narrow and curved but same square footage I add a little to cover extra time. So 20’ X 20’ ($85) is cheaper than 8’ X 50’ ($120) make sense?

I figure McDonalds doesn’t explain to me how they got to .99 for a burger why should I complicate it.

P.S. Before the time guys, aka quote by the hour sector get going my per sq ft rate is based off of how much I can clean in an hour.