Fav. Business App

We all have or should have a smart phone or a tablet. So what’s your fav. business app to use and why. How has it helped your company?

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QuickSale for the iPad. Best form of invoicing and estimates. It totally replaced QuickBooks for me and I can’t be happier about that.

Carbonite…use it to pull up any files on my computer. Everyone swears by dropbox or a a cloud but with Carbonite you dont have to remember to put files anyway. Carbonite automatically copies every single file on my computer and I just access it via my phone on their App

intuit gopayments. its great to be able to accept a card on the spot.

So many! At the moment probably Google Drive or Dropbox.

The way to make sure you always have everything in your box that you worked on is simple… Just route all your business folders in your main PC’s desktop Dropbox folder, i.e. just treat it like a removable flash drive that you never have to remember to take with you :thumbup:

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Cool! How does it replace quickbooks for accounting?

t’ll display sales by item, sales by category, sales by month, sales by quarter, All unpaid invoices, all past due invoices, and all paid invoices. You can also define those invoices by dates.

Basically that’s all I used QuickBooks Online for when I had it, although it would do a lot more. So QuickSale has worked out great.

QuickBooks Online was over 40 dollars a month… QuickSale is a one time 20 dollar app… and I upgraded it for 10 dollars to have a little more customization with the estimates/invoices. So I’m saving 40 bucks a month now.

Square card reader.

Square card reader, Pages, Invoice 2 go & the standard note pad app.

Really love using Dropbox and PDF expert. Great and easy way to get sigs on documents while out in the field.
Square has been a game changer but wish the rate was half a point lower…

I like Construction Cost Estimator for my iPhone. Great for doing estimates and automates the process once you setup the parameters for the different type of jobs. This app isn’t just for construction type jobs, you can use it for pressure washing, roof cleaning, window cleaning , etc .

You can take a picture of the house or job and include it in the estimate which can be emailed to the customer and to yourself which can then be stored on your desktop computer
or in the cloud. You can print out a nice copy
Of the estimate if you need to.

If your customer ok’s the estimate, you can have them sign for the work right on the iPhone screen and email them a copy. This is a great way to capture their email address for future communication and marketing to the customer.

It really cuts down on paperwork and writing and the estimate is very professional looking. When you setup the app, you can include your logo and you can include a disclaimer or limit of liability notice with each estimate.

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That sounds like a great app! What is the cost?

It is $19.99 but well worth the cost. Here is a link to the website to find out more:

Here are a couple of screen shots. The second is the front page of an estimate I did for a customer.

That looks pretty sweet! I’ll check it out! Can you attach files to the estimate such as insurance, additional photos or other information?

Great thread! FYI, my PWRA App is off the chain LOL

You can’t actually attach files to the app but you can put in any information such as insurance, notes about the job, any discounts. You setup what it calls cost books which has the different services you offer and how you price it. For example, if you price Deck Cleaning by the square foot for say $1.00 a sq ft., you would put that in the cost book. Then when you estimate an actual job, you just pick the category for Deck Cleaning in the estimate sheet and put in the number of sq ft and it will automatically multiply it by the number you put in and put the price on the estimate sheet for the customer, Once you setup the Costbook for each if the different services such as roof cleaning, house washing and how you charge for them such as by the sq ft or linear foot or even a fixed price , you never have to type them again. When you do the actual estimate, you simply pick the service from a list in the cost book and type in the number of sq ft or linear feet or however you set up the units for the job and it automatically calculates the price and placed it on the estimate sheet.

It will also total all of the individual service prices and it allows you to put in a discount, if you like. Once it is setup from the beginning, it is an automated process and makes it so easy and quick to do estimates. Plus it keeps a record of the estimates and customers and if you want to store a hard copy , it saves it for you as a PDF file,

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That is what I use as well.

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What’s the simplest program ? Weekly log domes weekly book keeping. Old school:)


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Dome Log Book.

Fill it out weekly.

With a mechanical pencil.

Old School.

Young’uns today.

They just don’t know the old ways.

I have been in information technology for almost 20 years, I love my iphone, just bought my first one a year ago. For some reason I just find it too much work to try to do anything on it other than email and accepting credit cards and maybe one or 2 other apps.

I just would rather wait til I get home and do things on my pc instead of trying to manuever an application on a 3" screen.

I am with Tim, maybe just not as old school. :cool: