Fatboy Pump In A Box Only Shooting 20ft max

I am a bit confused here. I just recieved my fatboy 1/2 poly pump in a box and it only shoots about 20ft with the 0 fatboy jrod tip. If I use the 0 soap tip from my 4gpm jrod will shoot 40ft though.

Is it bad if I use the 4gpm tip instead? Will this damage the pump?

What size tip are you using on the jrod?

Is the pump cycling on and off rapidly with the smaller tip? If not, carry on.

If it is, you need to find a zero tip sized somewhere between the one on your jrod, and the one that came with the pump kit. Or install an accumulator tank to mitigate the cycling.

I have an aclumator and I am using this to get distance.

4gpm soap nozzel. I believe this one 0040(soap high)

Oh yeah, I believe a 0040 would be plenty big enough to prevent cycling on that pump, even without an accumulator. I figured you were using a rinse tip like a 0010 or 0015 to get that kind of height out of your pump.

Makes me question what came with the kit, that was only giving you a 20’ stream?

What every comes with this https://pressuretek.com/fatboy-1-2-poly-kit/

Thats what I bought pump in a box. I seriously advise anyone to get the pump in the box upgrade. Well worth the $100