Fatboy pump and thoughts on what works best for some of yall

Going to be moving to an area where brick homes are the norm… more than the vinyl homes I’m used to doing. I have an x-jet but I wanna get the fatboy so I can do roofing too. Do you guys think I’ll end up using the fatboy for everything or does (in your experience) the x-jet really get the job done for brick homes? I just wanna hear opinions and see some pics of pump setups and maybe get some ideas on simple setups for 12v pumps without having to spend thousands of dollars lol I like to keep things simple if I can… I’ve had the x-jet since last year but havent even used it yet. I’m thinking the x jet will be fine for brick as I’ve heard you really wanna hit bricks at around between 4-6% but then theres the pain of carrying around a bucket and having to refill it often, but then theres the pump that will slurp down a 65 gallon tank of mix really fast Haha. What are everyones thoughts ? I’d just like to know what some of you have thought, felt, and found doing these things when upgrading your operation to these processes… Thank you !

I do mainly brick homes and DS about 80% of everything I do. I don’t own an Xjet, but only break out the 12v on really bad brick jobs usually. I have found that I like using the 12v way more than I thought I would since installing it, and have started using it a good bit more. I use a metering system from Midwest so I like being able to dial my mixes in to what I’m cleaning. It’s a good tool to have, but normal brick homes still get DS’ed.


What does your mix in your chem tank look like on something like that ? Because I know brick homes need a hotter mix than vinyl does, so I’m thinking if you got a high draw injector that pulls 20%, maybe just put straight SH in the chem tank ? Which gives a little over 2.5% on the surface ? And that gets the bricks clean for ya??

Forgive me if my calculations are a bit off lol

Depends. I will sometimes go with straight 12.5% with a GP highdraw injector pulling around 10:1 and that puts me around 1.25% hitting the surface. If not too bad I will dilute my SH a little. But yes, it gets probably 80% clean. That and a little bit of pressure. Like I said, if its bad I will pull out the 12v and hit it stronger. All depends on the brick. Not all brick needs a stronger mix just because its brick. All depends on how dirty it is.

Very rarely would I need to wash a brick home with anything other than DSing here. Some may have green or black near the bottom of the North side but it isn’t enough to break out the 12v just grab the pump up and go. Only brick i have needed a 12volt for would be walkways, steps or porches.


Oh no, I’ve definitely had some that I’ve had to pull the 12v out on. But your right, most can be DS’ed with great results.

Oh i bet i just meant i have yet to need it. Its was @Harold or @Donut that posted a disgusting brick house. I couldnt imagine lol. Ive yet to see one that dirty.

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Thanks grizz. That’s good to know as obviously we are gonna be neighbors lol. You’ll have to show me your setup when get down there, and you can check out mine too ! Also I’ll need someone to help me with window jobs if you’re interested. You dont do windows too do ya or ?

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I pay pretty good for windows.

No i do not. Ive lurked around window cleaning resource but got turned off by all the RO water purity stuff. Ive have been asked multiple times if i do windows and even calls wanting windows cleaned only. Haven’t had the time or money to think about doing them.

I wouldnt mind coming out with you. Im always up to learn something new.

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Nice bro. Consider it done. I’ll make sure you’re the guy I call. I’ll teach you everything I know. I been doing them for maybe almost just about a year ? I do them every week, and I love it. Just gotta be careful with windows, because if you dont charge enough for them, you’ll DEFINITELY be turned off to them. Especially considering how much we make compared to the other stuff we do washing and whatnot.

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Did you guys just become best friends


I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.


TDS down here is like 22. Can basically do windows with tap water.


Lmfaoooo… @Racer that’s pretty low, good to know ! Looking forward to getting up with you guys… Gonna be fun !

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Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.