Fascia cleaning


So, I’m seeing a lot of people aren’t wanting to touch gutter brightening due to peeling the layers of paint off them. So, this made me think. Are any of you guys cleaning the striping off Fascia? If so, what are you guys using without stripping the paint off?


It’s interesting…I used to do gutter whitening the first year I was in service…it worked on most of the gutters I used it on and I included it in my house wash price. I wondered why most in this forum stopped offering it as a service. Last year I stopped including it and had it as an add in service. This year it’s not even an option as a service. Too much work. 2.5 to 3 story gutters too hard too reach even with my 30 ft Unger pole. Now I get why professionals don’t offer it. Just took a few years for me to get it.

As far as fascia with tiger striping I wouldn’t bother with it. Same thing with gutters…the oxidation is baked into the first layer of paint. I wouldn’t scrub a fascia board with gutter grenade.