Fantasy football

Fantasy football… I’m going to start a pwra fantasy football league. Draft will be next Tuesday night 8 pm. First 19 guys that sign up and registered will be in. If you are interested send me your name and email by sunday night. The draft will be a snake at 60 seconds.
Maybe somebody will donate prizes for the winner …

If you wanna join the league send me your email and go to espn and get a user name.

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I always hear guys talking about fantasy football.
If you’re into it, come on!

Things just heated up-

The winner gets a $250 gift certificate to the PWRA vendor of choice, courtesy of the Pressure Washing Resource Association.
The deadline to get in is tonight!

Sounds like fun. I will kick in another $150 gift certificate from to add to the pot.

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That’s awesome. Thanks Mike!

Still a few spots left.

Just sent Lou a pm. I have never done this but it sounds like fun.

I wish I had seen this sooner, I’m already in a league and don’t have time for 2 but it sounds great.