Fallout on vinyl

Yikes. When I bid the house I just thought it would be a simple housewash, boy was I wrong.

SH didn’t phase it. I had to run down to Southside and get some citrus stuff, downstreaming got some of it off. Turns out the vinyl was stained underneath and I tried three different chems with limited success.

Anyone found better success with this junk?

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Degreaser and brush

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Yup, tried Red Raider and a brush. Nada.

I should clarify, a lot came off, but the base stain remained.

Have you not read the fallout thread?


Well, now that I accidentally came across it today, I’ll have to study up. First time I’ve seen it here.

You’re a poet and don’t know it.:laughing:



It’s long but it’s a good read and you’ll definitely benefit from reading it.

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Degreaser didn’t work for me either with it. F9 diluted 3:1 in a pump sprayer melts it right off

To be clear do not price that as an ordinary house wash. I learned a lesson on one before and now tell the homeowner right away that those stains are not included in our normal house wash price.

F9 Barc? F9 has more than one product

Yes barc

Color me educated.

What’s your dwell time?

I’d be super hesitant applying battery acid to the side of a house with aluminum framed windows.:flushed:

You will see it start melting off pretty quick and then just rinse it away. Usually no more than a minute or 2

Can someone post a link to the thread? Thank you.

Type fallout in the search bar above

@dcbrock How’d it end going for you on the house?

Eh…not great. It lightened considerably but didn’t get rid of it. She was understanding though.

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With using the barc!?