Faded Front Door

I did a composite deck cleaning and hit it with a number of SH… lady calls back with this picture of her front door. It’s painted. Any advice on how to fix this?

If it’s totally dry, I would assume so… Probably need to be painted again…

Never wet doors, over them they seem to be extremely delicate

Yeah. Paint it and dont get SH on red, brown, blue, or green anymore. Paint or vinyl

Work it out with the customer. Have it painted or offer to buy them the paint and refund them the money from the job you did. Always pay attention to doors and cover them when necessary.


That’s not entirely true… When you have experience you can then offer the advice.

But it’s not entirely false either. You’re always saying to read and research and ive done a bit. And you’re right. I dont have that much experience. But i can read and have read more than enough post about these colors of paint to be careful with.

And besides, you’re the first one say use the search so dont get upset that im repeating what i ive read


Yeah I do say that a bit but I’m not always the first lol. The majority of people wash these colors without issue. It’s important to be cautious and do a small test spot or even walk away if you feel damage may be caused. Not trying to offend you here, I’m just saying it’s best to not start giving advice until you start washing and gain some experience.

No worries man. And you’re right. I keep my comments about professional stuff to myself til i get it figured out. Just wanted to make @Innocentbystander proud is all lol

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Best advice you can get right there.


:joy: mission accomplished

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Im still laughing at this


Yeah it really backfired on me didn’t it lol. In all honesty I think you’ll find yourself washing a blue or green house without issue soon enough. If you walk away from every house that isn’t white, you won’t have much work. Sorry if I came across as a :eggplant: I didn’t think before I posted that. I know you’ve been around long enough to give some advice.

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WTH is that?


I know id be po’d if someone called me a purple squash!

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I’m afraid that if that is dry, the only option is to repaint/refinish the door. You may have been a painter in a previous life but if not you need to hire one to do it right. If it were me that means removing the door and refinishing it. I.e. no brush marks etc. It’s why I refuse to do front doors. Good luck.

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I’m with the guys above. Call your local sherwin Williams or PPG/Porter and ask for the number of a few painters that would be willing to do a door.

Hold up a sec. Before you go painting or giving people back money, ask to see the entire door. That does not look like it happened washing the house, cause if you soaped it all over, it won’t just be at the bottom. That, to me, looks exactly like what happens when a pest control guy is allowed to use a pump sprayer. Notice how there’s almost nothing up top, but it’s all at the bottom. Ask her if she’s recently had either pest control sprayed, or a landscaper out spraying lime or pre emergent. I’ll upload a few pics of what I’ve come across, even on new houses, that were there before I started.


Had it on the bottom trim of 2 garage doors the other day too. Asked the homeowner if a pest control guy had recently sprayed, and bingo!

Of course, this can also happen when shady paint companies use interior paints on exterior surfaces.

The answer from a customer will almost always likely to be a no. I’ve had the nicest of people lie about things like this.