Facebook "promote"

Anyone else seen this feature on statuses you post on your business page? For $7.00 you can push it up to people’s top newsfeed…have you tried it yet?

Saw it last night. Need to do some research on it.

Yea I saw it last night… and almost tried it… I may give it a try this week…

Anyone see the new Want It button yet?

Now your business page posts don’t show to ALL your fans. They have to go to your page, click the “Liked” button and click “Show in News Feed” to see all your posts. Otherwise they only show to a percentage of your audience.

That’s why it’s imperative to get participation in your photos, posts, links, etc. They will go out to a broader audience.

I hate when BOD’s put monetizing over a good user experience.

Starting my business in the spring and was debating on doing a give away of a FREE house wash contest for the people who like & share my Facebook page to generate some interest (obviously only pick 1 winner) . Anyone go this route before or is it a horrible idea haha? Marketing is new to me just brainstorming

In our overesaturated market anything can make a difference. Just don’t be a 99 dollar special guy. That’s the fastest way to become hated. I’m down the way in youngstown if you ever need a hand.

Nice a fellow 330’er! Can promise I will not be the $99 guy. Just looking for a way to get my name out there at a minimal cost

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Market for a free house wash for veterans/ active duty! It works!

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I dont know the exact formula but I do know to skip market magazine. They will be calling as soon as they become aware of your buisness. 1/4 page add is 500+ and there are 6 other guys that wash in it every month along with the big three.

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Another 330 guy here as well. Not sure on the promote button. Let us know how it works out.


Lol see what I mean about over saturation. That makes 6 guys around here just on this forum. Which is just insane for our super small market! Nice to meet ya @Neffsfleet

Lol yeah. I tend to do most of my stuff in PA you don’t have to worry about me!

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Naw I don’t worry. Far be it from me to expect any man not to earn a living. The only people that drive me nuts are the 99 dollar guys and the jerkoffs in Akron who spend 10k plus a month in advertising.

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I stick to fleets mostly. Don’t really attack residential. If I come across anything commercial I’ll send it your way.

Appreciate it. I know a few guys that peddle at a some of the bigger p and d companies. Mainly r and l and fed ex.If I hear anything about fleet contract bids I’ll send it your way. It not in my wheelhouse.