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Hello gang,

I am wondering if anyone has utilized a stream of testing for Facebook ads, i.e. slide shows, video ads, before and after photos, boosted posts, etc. What did you find worked best for you? I am simply looking to expand my lead flow as the summer season marks a bit of a slow down in sales for us (in the spring we are booked 4 weeks solid, now we are at 2 weeks) and I would like to get back to that 4 week mark if possible.

I primarily do residential pressure washing, soft washing, roof cleaning, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning.



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Hello fellow bear. Welcome to the forum. I haven’t tried FB marketing yet but alot of people here swear by video ads. Also another guy here does very well with FB and uses a picture of his truck and trailer but wins them over with making jokes about the wife telling the husband to pressure wash and him never doing it. Doesn’t matter what you tyoe of ad. You just need to grab thier attention And keep it before they get bored and scroll on.

Good info though. I run pretty much the same add every weekend and find it’s a hit or miss. Sometimes I’ll get a handful of replies, sometimes I’ll get none. I do a slideshow of before and after photos.


When ever i mention before and after pics to customers(usaully when asking permission to take photos) they get all excited about how to LOVE seeing pressure washing photos and videos lol.

I think making a joke is golden. Most of what people share are like is funny content. The other things they share or like is food, drama or pictures of themselves and how “amazing” they are. Im going to try this when i do run a ad but i was told he has had a few people get offended by his jokes before.

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Lol just keep it PG 13 and I’m sure you’ll be okay… scratch that. People get offended over anything and everything nowadays. Some days I wish cell phones and social media just didn’t exist. When I say some days I mean most days. Don’t be shy to share what works well for you though lol I need to change my add up soon.

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My humor can sometimes offend. I used to tell folks that buying a car was like getting pregnant…it all starts with a kiss. First they’re looking at cars then they’re driving home in one. Its amazing.


Would you mind posting it? (Unless your in Ontario) haha. I’m curious to see how it looks! What is your monthly budget? Do you only run it on weekends?

The jokes are certainly a good way to approach it. I think that anything that makes someone stop for a second is worth it. I just have to find some related to cleaning haha.

Whereabouts are you located? Ontario California or Ontario Canada? It’s made when I make the add so it’s not something I can share I think. It’s just these 5 photos in a row each displayed for 1 second each.

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Nvm just seen you’re in London. I lived there for a couple years a while back. I really liked it. I went to Fanshawe for a year and stayed for a while. How long have you been in business?

Ah that looks great man! Where are you now? Haha no way that is awesome. I did my under grad at UWO and my grad program at Fanshawe. This will be my 5th year in business now.

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Thanks! I’m in and from Windsor so I’m not too far from you. Feel free to message me. It’d be great to share what does and doesn’t work marketing wise and where to get supplies etc.