Facebook Ads Double Dipping


So I just received a paid invoice from Facebook for a $5 per day ad I ran last month for 5 days. I had already paid them their $25. They hit me for another $24.83 for that same ad campaign. I can afford the money, but doubt I’ll use Facebook again. I had one lead, and no sales. 15 link clicks at a cost of $3.32 per click.

OUCH! I guess $5 per day ain’t really $5 per day.


At $5 a day you can’t expect any significant ROI.

You need to spend $50 a day minimum to see good results.

Are you targeting by location?



House value?

If fb onlymgoing to show the ad to 1,000 people a day it myswell be to people who have a higher potential of being a customer.

If they did over charge you, call them! FB will make it right


Also check that you did pay twice…they usually take the money out a few weeks after the ad was completed


Or look into Facebook Pixel…

Spend your ad $$ on people who have visited your website. That will be my goal this winter, to get pixel set up and will be excited to see the conversion rate


I, too, am excited about pixel. The ads I ran were to a specific area where I will be sending mailers. I’m really just trying to establish name recognition at this point, in a very specific area: about 500 condos and townhouses owned by seniors with windows that cannot be reached without a ladder. I already serve almost 2% of the population there, and want to be, as Josh Lattimer says, “A nightmare to compete with”.