Facebook ads - budgeting and targeting

We have never dabbled much into the social media advertising side of the business but have seen fantastic results from some of the companys on here! Im considering giving it a go this year and was wondering for those who run them, is this something you set up yourself or would it be beneficial to let my SEO company handle the ads? Im not super tech savy but have been told its pretty self explanatory!

As far as budget, ive seen people mention they started as low as $10/day with some good results. Should we start with a higher budget? What form of ads do you find run the best results (ie. Before/After pictures, short mini clips etc)

It’s not straightforward at all. Sure, setting up an ad is easy, but setting up an ad that works is hard.
We have never had good results with them. I’ve tried experimenting every way you can think of and I get burned every time.