Exterior house clean surrounded by timber decking

Hey guys,
I have a job that I’m quoting on for an exterior house clean. The entire house is surrounded by a timber decking. So, i am after some advice from the more experienced guys on here as to what the best way to attack it is. I’m going to have to use SH as there is a little mould growth but hesitant as i down want to risk burning the decking.

Not burning it is one thing, the part against the house is going to get cleaned…no way around it that I know of.

Questions w/o pics usually not going to always get you most precise answers but Jason is right, part next to house, probably going to get somewhat cleaner, even if you prewet.

Ohh yeah of course.
I was meant to upload photos. Here they are.

Spray the whole deck with house wash, problem solved. If you’re super customer focused rinse it down for them.

I did a house recently where the homeowner just had a Timber decking deck installed. They say no SH and you have to use their super special expensive cleaner. Because of this the homeowner said to clean everything except the back of the house where the deck was. I tried to explain that HW mix is mild enough it won’t hurt and I can do a test to show him, but no dice. I took a scrape piece and put a 50/50 mix on it and left it, nothing happened like I figured. It’s ridiculous they get away with selling expensive cleaner and scaring homeowners into only using it.

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LOL, that deck could almost need cleaning. Just tell customer that you’re going to wash off the deck for them and where stain is old may slightly lighten in places. Just pre-wet, wash what you’ve got to wash and then rinse deck asap. you’ll be fine.