Exterior cleaning job


Looking for some advice on commercial job pricing.
It’s a 14000 sq foot building with 180 window panes.
We would be doing a soft wash on the building and washing the exterior of the windows. They want a few options on the bids quarterly and semi annual. What are y’all thoughts ?


My thoughts are

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  5. Your post is woefully lacking any info that could possibly help anyone determine how to assist you if they were even inclined to do so. Probably be best to just bid a buck 75 on it and hope you don’t get it. Both you and the customer will be happier in the end.

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Applebutter? Do you have enough to share?!


She did 8 pecks of apples over about a week. The crock pot never stopped. Smelled so good. I got lots of apple butter but don’t really know how to ship it. We keep it in freezer bags in the freezer. Canning is not a specialty for either one of us. Lost art that I am embarrassed to not know.


You never cease to amaze me with you quick wits and phrases…secondly you missed one never sit when you can lay…I say these things in the most admirable way.never a dull moment on the statements you make😁


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Ok. That made it worse. Road trip to the east coast!


We are in no danger but I’m on the gulf coast and sure would like the rain to let up. I won’t flood but some around me are likely too. I just want to wash some stuff.


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Had the wife make some apple butter. Now I am fat and happy!!! :slightly_smiling_face: