Ever been asked to do work way outside PW'ing?


I turn down jobs like that all the time. I stick with what can do professionally. Every time I’ve done random jobs like that I’ve cost myself money by taking away from my pressure washing. Nothing worse than being stuck on a job that you don’t specialize in and waisting a bunch of time.


Any before and after pics yet?


It is always good to have another source if income for low season.


I actually decided to turn down the job, based on what my friends and neighbors said, having the experience is doing the work. Looks like I would need to invest more time and money that could be well spent on My main focus, Pressure Washing.

I did tell them I could piece it out, do a small section for a few hundred and see how it goes. That way I wouldnt promise to get the whole job done and then I wouldnt get in over my head and disappoint the customer.

Its proably going to go to a professional, as it should.

Thanks everyone for your adivice!