Evening and hello

Been meaning to get on here for a while and say hi, just haven’t gotten it done till now.

My name is Sam. I have a window cleaning/pressure washing company called That Window Guy out here in east Texas. We’re a pretty small company. Just me, my biz partner George, and one employee Dale. If you guys get down to NOLA in January, George and I look forward to meeting you.

We’ve been around about 3 years now. Started with just window cleaning. Now we also do roof wash, house wash, surface cleaning, and some deck restoration. Been a long time member of WCR. Couldn’t have gotten to where we are without that community. Glad to be part of this one now.



Hey Sam I’ll cya at NOLA 2013:cool:

Hi, Sam

What up Sam?! Long time no talk. Hope business is going well and that I’ll see you and George at Nola next year!

Andrew, looking forward to hit. How’s it going in Orlando?