Equipment set up

I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way to set up my trailer . I need to fix my pw to the trailer but I’m not to sure what the best way of doing that is

Skid or wheeled unit? Permanent mount or do you need to be able to remove it easily?

Permanent mount and it’s a wheeled unit . It’s a water cannon 4gpm 4K psi . I don’t want it stolen off my property the area I’m in isn’t amazing but I have a fenced in back yard . Just want to make sure if someone tries to steal it they have a hell of time trying to do so

Should I get square metal tubing and make a bracket to fasten the wheeled unit to the trailer ?

Personally, I would take the wheels and handle off and convert it to a skid. Bolt on some heavy gauge aluminum angle iron in place of the wheels, and a couple rubber foot pads, and bolt the whole thing down to the trailer. That’ll make stealing the machine 95% more difficult. (It will also save some room on your rig).

Then make sure you’ve got a good lock on your trailer tongue, so someone doesn’t decide to make off with the whole thing.

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I agree with Alex, bolt it down to a plate but make sure you do what he said about the rubber feet. If you don’t have something in there to absorb the vibration your trailer will sound like a helicopter from all the vibration lol. I go to the local tractor supply and buy rubber stall mat, cut it with a box cutter to the dimensions of your mounting plate, drill holes in the rubber mat and bolt it all down.