Equipment for sale, good deal?


Hey guys,

Is this a good deal? I’m new just looking for a way to make some extra cash.



I would jump on that in a heartbeat!


110hrs! Wow, it’s only just run in, great :+1:t2:


Seriously! The machine is worth more than that.


If I didn’t have a looming layoff and a years worth of salt bill in my desk I’d have you join me on a road trip to get it!


If you have the funds, get it quick. You’re giving it more exposure here and increasing the chance that you’ll miss out :+1:t2:


That’s a great deal , if you don’t jump on it quick I’m sure it’ll be sold by tomorrow


LOL I doubt he’s worried about exposure.
Seems to me… When one creates an account and their first post is asking about equipment. Then lists a link to said great deal. They might be selling it. Just top it all off with a name like daileycon… Hmm wondering if that’s the con.


Wouldn’t he just post it for sale here?


Yes, I would have. I think OC2X is a little pessimist.


Im 35mins away from this! Im on the way to get it. Talked him down to 5k. Thanks


Damn. It’s a 9 hour drive for me and I was considering going to get it lol.


Funny guy! :joy:


I was kidding. I wouldnt buy it out from under someone. I got to get a new truck first.


I texted him he sold it this morning.