EPA, runnoff?

I am considering starting a pressure washing business in Ohio. I did a fair amount of research and was excited about starting soon and then I saw the gov’t regulations for the runoff! How big of a factor and cost does this really add up to? I was going to do residential and commercial. Does everyone have to invest in some type of catch and filter system? Thanks.

Sorry, I couldn’t find where Ohio requires reclamation.

All states require it, it’s federal. Some just don’t enforce it

a good rule of thumb is, if it gets absorbed, evaporates, or goes in a waste treatment drain then your good, but block off all storm drains with plastic an sandbags then suck up the water an dump it in some rocks or somewhere your not worried about killing any plants.

6 min read time?

Come on…

Either a clown, pot stirrer, some low level gov’t employee looking for a “bust” or a vendor trying to drum up some reclaim sales.


Thank you for the quick responses and some constructive information. I may start with only residential washing and stay away from commercial until I learn and earn more. I will be calling the EPA Monday.

Good luck with that. Why wake a sleeping bear?


Yeah, don’t poke the bear dude. Seriously.