EPA report? 12.5% SH?


Does this forum have a files section?



You guys couldn’t figure out how to do a private message to share your email? Heck now even I’m tempted to bug you with apartment quoting questions, and I don’t even own a pressure washer!







You send me a nickel and I’ll post his cell number here




I made two new videos back to back on my way home from buying a new trailer and the audio kept cutting out.

I guess no one gets to know. It was a sign. Lol


Everyone already knows it anyway. @CaCO3Girl this guy will do anything for a nickel…


Actual photo of @Innocentbystander as a young boy!




I admittedly have never had one!


Me either. I did get a whopping for selling my sister 2 nickels for a quarter when she was about 4.


Huh?! :fearful:


She was getting twice as much money out of the deal. At least that’s the way I explained it to her. Mom won’t happy. She would make me go get my own switch off the willow tree.


See you turned out fine…ish

Why can’t we bring back the switch?


Lol. Your big, but not big enough to make me pick my own switch anymore


I’d just hide your AARP newsletter. At your age I’m sure that’s a worse punishment!


That’s low. I’m counting down the years until I can sit in bojangles every morning with the old timers and talk about hog prices, how much kids today suck and why my senior coffee is cold.


I miss bojangles


With the goats and daughter?