EPA report? 12.5% SH?


I have a large commercial job where all they want now to schedule is an EPA report for 12.5% SH. I asked if the property manager if she meant the environmental impact section of an SDS. She said she didn’t think so. @CaCO3Girl any idea?

Anyone else ever have to get an EPA report? What if I’m downstreaming? It’s no longer 12.5%.



Walk away


Haha no way… this is easy money. Lol Thanks. I googled EPA 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite multiple ways and didn’t get this site. Glad to know it exists. I kept getting outdated reports.


Obviously you were using the inferior google search engine


That’s when you say you use “elemonator”

It’s not necessarily lying lol


Bing never lets you down


Yes it is lol


Sorry, no. I’ve heard of people wanting the SH trapped and neutralized, but never a report on it.


how would you use that chart? what are you looking to show customer? seems like they want you to know a lot of how to do and don’ts way more liability put on the cleaning company if something didn’t go right. although ignorance is no excuse .just curious


My EPA guy at work sent me a google doc 200 pages long. He believes its what you need on hand in case the EPA shows up. How can I get it too you? Do you have a google drive?


I do. (email address deleted…suckas) for google drive please and thank you!




Shazam! Thanks man. Deleting my email address now… lol if I don’t I’ll get 30 emails this week asking about pricing apartments even though I’ve posted it and even made a video about it.


I do need some help pricing some apartments lol…


so… about these prices


2 goats and 1 daughter…


I’ll make another video… lol


Can you email a link?


Read it to us


It’s too big for email. Has to be google drive.