Envirospec washer builds

Has anyone ordered a package and built a machine from envirospec?

Never heard of it. But they talk a good game. If you order from them let us know what you think. I will say that they’re $150 profit margin sounds unrealistic but you never know.

Well I’m on shipment #3. There’s no inventory list of what’s supposed to be included. It’s my first time putting together a gear box unit and got kinda pissed when I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t go together. Then I realize I’m missing quit a few pieces.

So you’re saying that you have to put the machine together your self or am I reading it wrong? Its pretty standard to get an inventory list with any delivery.

That’s right. They box up all the pieces from pump to washers and bolts and ship it to you. I guess that’s how they cut the price of the machines.