Ensulating enclosed trailer

Good Morning, I will be purchasing another trailer that is enclosed. I live in an area where it does freeze for a few months but work still must be done. Was wondering if anybody ever tried insulating there enclosed trailer to reduce the winterizing that must be done?

Without a heat source all insulation does is slow down the drop to ambient temperature. It’s nice to have BUT dont rely on it to save your equipment.

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Just leased a 12x40 commercial storage unit for $338/month. Climate controlled and power included. Need it for trailers, likely a bunch of power equipment I’m fixing this winter, and Christmas light inventory and storage. That’s less than one house wash. Look into rv storage or climate controlled storage.


WOW that’s nice!!! I wish we had those prices here in the DC area. A 10x20 is 410 a month and certainly not climate controled. I have been looking everywhere for storage.

Yes, we’ve done it to over a dozen trailers. Spray foam insulated and then lined with painted plywood. The insulation does great but it won’t stop you from freezing up. All trailers had two large propane bottles and a wall mounted heater. Still had to run antifreeze through them which only takes about five minutes.

Thanks, I will forgo wasting time and money insulating and just winterize it properly. Wanted to make sure it wasn’t an easier way since I will be working through the winter.

You think it is safe to travel with those heaters running?

Safe? That’s probably a better question for @SchertzServicesLLC. Have I done it? Yes, many times. Never had any problems.

If you got the means then I’d recommend insulating it especially if you work out of it. We had hands to run the wands and an operator running the machines and keeping water and everything going. When the hands get too cold they would stand between the two machines and warm up. It gets cold in the Texas panhandle.

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You could also just wrap the pump and other components, itll slow down the elements greatly, mostly freezing wind.

Works for me. Got one on order. Thank you