Engine oil on concrete!

Got a chain of auto parts store. Gotta clean the parking lots to remove the black oil spots. What will remove them? Already tried degreaser and hot water.

I use laundry soap and sweeping compound.

  1. wet area
  2. pour laundry soap on area trying to clean
    3 pour sweeping powder ( oil dry) over laundry soap
  3. mix
  4. cover with a damp towel
  5. place something heavy like a brick over the towel let sit for 24 hours
  6. come back next day and rinse off… oil will be gone

What degreaser did you use and how long did you let it sit on the oil spots? Generally what we do is put an adequate amount of degreaser on the oil spots, we may brush it in a little bit but we make sure we soak up the spot good with the degreaser. We’ll let it sit for awhile(if it’s a parking garage we may let it sit over night). Then we crank up the heat all the way up on the burners and powerwash out the oil stain. Keep in mind concrete is porous so the oil might be pretty deep in there and you may lighten up the spots but some may not all come out. That’s what I tell our customers when dealing with oil spots.

Good luck.

Most auto parts stores around here are asphalt not concrete. What are you dealing with?

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