Engine not running as fast as it was

Hey Guys

I bought 4000psi 4gpm Briggs & Stratton about a month ago and have used my pressure washer 5-7 times for about 2 hours each. Yesterday I was finishing up a job and out of nowhere my engine just sorta slowed down while I was washing a house. I thought maybe restarting it would correct the problem but I had no luck.

The pressure is a lot less and the engine isn’t as loud as it was before. I checked the gas, oil for both engine and pump, made sure speed was all the way up and the problem persists.

I was wondering if any of you would have a hunch as to why my washer is acting up.

Could it be my pump? I thought it was the engine because it isn’t going as fast as when I first got it.



I used the search function and I’m not getting any leads. Anyone have even a hunch?

Checked air filter? Unlikely due to only being 2 months old but could be worth checking-another thing to eliminate

Check throttle linkage

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likely the throttle link as stated above.

Elite Series?

Pump wouldn’t have anything to do if you can audibly hear the engine slowing down. If it’s truly slowing down and not sputtering or struggling, then gotta be throttle linkage. Pull off the air filter cover as well as the front plastic housing that covers the throttle knob so you can see what that knob does when you move it from slow to fast. It’s probably getting hung on something or the push rod has bent.

Open the throttle all the way up manually and see if that doesn’t make it run as it should. If it does, then just work backwards to determine why the knob on the outside of the machine isn’t pushing the throttle on the inside sufficiently.

When you are pressure washing how long do you let off the trigger for at a time? Is it for more than 1 minute?

Sorry. I didn’t mean to dredge this up!

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Not bad, I give you a B+. I resurrected a thread from 2007 on a gun board a while back…that was embarrassing.

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