Engine hours

I got to thinking about engine hours and how people throw out general numbers that they have on their engines. How reliable is someone’s figure if they tell you it has 100 hours on it??

Most of these engines don’t have a hour keeper like say a tractor does. How do you keep track of engine hours, or do you??

100 hours isn’t a lot in my opinion. You can buy a hour meter on Amazon for like 15$.

Every decent commercial machine has an hour meter.


I agree with @DisplacedTexan. At the same time, I’ve seen plenty of motors where the counter stopped working, or got damaged, etc. In those cases, just look at the important stuff. Bring along a compression tester for the motor, check for sparkly oil, use your judgement on how well maintained it looks and sounds. If it’s been spray painted at all, walk away.

I’ve got a Honda 390gx motor on my pressure washer. I bought it last year, is there an engine hour gauge on this motor?

I don’t know, is there? Do you have a digital readout that displays hours? Most GX390’s don’t unless someone added one to them.

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Doubtful. I added one on my 390. Took about 4 minutes

About as reliable as buying a corvette off the promise it’s never been thrashed and only used to pick Charlie up from school down the road and put away dry after a daily oil change. Hour meters always stop working just as they go up for sale, same story with dirt bikes.