Enclosed trailers

I’ve found a couple of enclosed trailers in my area and need some input. One is 14x6 on inside with barn doors and one is 14x7.5 inside with ramp, both same price. I like the bigger one its taller wider and just seems like a big difference in room but is about 6 years old, the other one is brand new everything. I guess my question is not sure about the ramp door, seems like it would be in the way a lot. Anyone with insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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That 6 yr old ramp door trailer should be a little bit cheaper then the new barn door trailer you would think. That aside my personal preference has always been the ramp door trailer. You can roll things in and out of there or even drive things in there if need be.

The barn doors do give you more wall space to hang things but once again my concern was to always make things easier and stepping up into a trailer carrying weighted objects was something I’d rather not do over the long haul.

The extra room also would factor into my decision.

I use a smaller enclosed and agree with John T… I have barn doors and when moving things out it can be a pita. If I could do it again it would be ramp door for the reasons John T listed.

This will be used only for pwing, so everything will be mounted permanently. So my thought was by having hose reels mounted in back the ramp would be in the way. But maybe not if u guys are using ramps. And I agree John about the price but people like there stuff around here!!

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I hope to move up to an enclosed setup eventually and I see more value to the ramp door myself. You could mount the reels all on one side, you could mount them on a swivel wall bracket to swivel in and out of the trailer, you could even mount them to the ramp door and fabricate a bracket on the back of the door that could be used to prop it level and use the whole door for work space while on the job, I could go on and on LOL My mind just works all the time LOL

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